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Invent, build, integrate, scale and upgrade your applications and websites with Extbel! We provide our clients with full-package of IT-services: outsourcing, outstuffing, UI/UX and 3D design, mobile and web development.

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Why ExtBel?

We give guarantees

We work only by agreement and we do not take payment for the work that has not yet been completed.

We support the project

We know how to attract targeted traffic to a site and convert it into sales.

We create unique design

We make a unique design and work on usability, for all our projects.

We are always in touch

We are always on the line 24/7. Seriously. Even if you just want to talk.

We have been here for a long time

Over 5 years of work, we have implemented more than 200 projects of varying complexity. Your project will be in safe hands.

We comply with the deadlines

We understand that deadlines are often painful and that’s why we pay special attention to our business processes in order to realize everything on time.


Satisfied clients

87% of our customers are fully satisfied with our work


Projects launched

213 projects fully launched


Supported projects

7 projects fully supported

Our services

  • Web development
  • Mobile application development
  • Outsource and Outstaff
  • From Web to Mobile development
  • CRM and ERP systems development
  • AR/VR technologies

Web development

Stages of development

  • Project evaluation
  • Project development
  • Marketing plan, launch and promotion of the project
  • Business logic development
  • Testing

Development of websites and complex corporate web systems, as well as e-commerce complexes and online stores. The most advanced development and optimized technologies.

ExtBel company has extensive experience in the development of websites and complex corporate web systems, as well as e-commerce complexes and online stores. Each project in our company is a range of services from A to Z, which includes analytics, design, development and product launch on the market.

Mobile application development

Stages of development

  • Planning
  • Functions and features
  • UI/UX Design
  • Frontend development
  • Backend development
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance & Support

Mobile application development is one of the key working directions for ExtBel. Our iOS and Android developers create outstanding products of any complexity and purpose. The very first step in creating a new application is the idea. Every mobile app starts with Eureka moment. The mobile app market is already full of all imaginable types of applications. Clearly, your app idea has to be really outstanding and awesome and breathtaking. If the app concept is great, the development process and all the other parts of your app would come smooth.

Nowadays mobile apps put your business in people’s pockets, connecting you to a larger audience across the modern devices people use. So having a mobile app will definitely help to grow your business.

Outsource and Outstaff

Stages of development

  • Establish contact
  • Requirement analysis
  • Pricing & Contracting
  • Project initiation
  • Project Steady State

Nowadays more and more companies consider hiring remote employees. That’s why outsourcing and outstaffing as a model of hiring became popular and demanded.

IT outsourcing as a service from a third-party instead of performing the functions in-house, is the way in which organization can reduce the time and money spent on infrastructure and operations and dedicate more resources to strategic business initiatives.

Outstaffing is when a team of IT specialist is provided by a third party contractor as a resource to the main client for its IT project.

This can be single software developer working dedicatedly on one project of a client for the period of the contract. The client has full control over the hired team or individual. It can offer a lot of benefits to enterprises from around the world.

From Web to Mobile development

Stages of development

  • Define the objectives of application
  • Plan functionality & features
  • Design wireframes
  • Choose a way of development
  • Select platform as per your requirements and budget
  • Select the right programming language
  • Build your mobile app &Test your mobile app
  • Launch your mobile app

People are now spending more time on mobile applications than a website. According to ComScore, mobile users are spending 87% of their time in apps. An app brings better user engagement, boosts the number of returning customers, improve communication and many other benefits. If you have an idea or you’re running a business, there won’t be a better time to invest in an app, expand your brand awareness, reach and ultimately sales.

Structure and logic of mobile apps significantly different from web projects. Mobile app isn’t always a light version of the website. That is why during your web project transfer to mobile app you need to count on many peculiarities for your app to be released in stores and to reach all your goals. With everything of this Extbel is happy to help!

CRM and ERP systems development

Stages of development

  •  Investigate your business
  • Determine actual tasks
  • Analysis of the tasks
  • Selecting suitable CRM
  • Develop unique solutions
  • Train the Customer to use CRM
  • Support and help if needed

The creation of the CRM system is necessary for medium and large businesses, where the provision of operational interaction between subventions and standardization of work is important. CRM program is also often used in small businesses in sales-oriented (eCommerce) companies.

The development of CRM systems for sales and marketing will be profitable for companies where the customer is personalized and information about him needs to be saved and analyzed in order to form the next personalized offer at the right moment.

Сhoosing commercial ERP systems for your business, keep in mind that it includes HRM and CRM as well, so you do not need the creation and implementation of individual products for trade and personnel management. ERP also often contains warehouse and trade accounting, production management. Accounting and finance are usually integrated into the program.

AR/VR technologies

Stages of development

  • Creative Strategy
  • Prototyping
  • Modeling & Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Quality Control
  • Deployment

We offer augmented reality app development services with the use of the high-quality 3D modelling tools as well as the latest and robust mobile AR platforms.

We are proud to have a team of AR and VR developers, who are very creative and passionate about their work. We would love to ideate with you and take your AR/VR development needs to reality. Our end-to-end AR/VR production services will take your project from concept to development to deployment. With our team’s creative experience, agency background and technical expertise, we provide a broad knowledge base from which to deliver your VR or AR marketing project.

Our expertise

Construction and real estate

Our goal is to create effective solutions tailored to the individual specifics of each client. We strive to ensure maximum transparency of the development process, including the ability to manage our team of programmers and budget.

Retail and E-Commerce

ExtBel provides a full range of services for the development, testing, implementation, integration and maintenance of software. The range of products we create includes automated management systems and information and analytical systems for managing enterprises and businesses in various sectors of the economy.

Public authorities

Over the 8+ years of work, the company has successfully completed more than 150 projects for its customers, as well as successfully implemented its own products for customers from more than 65 countries.

Banking, finance and insurance

Development of integrated automation systems for the banking sector (retail and corporate business, building prudential, managerial and analytical reporting, risk management).

Education and online learning

ExtBel, one of the leading global outsourcing service providers, specializes in building and supporting professional remote teams for software development, IT systems support engineering, data processing and operations.


ExtBel is a leading full-service provider of software development and innovative IT solutions of varying complexity and scale. Software development services include strategic and technological IT consulting, design, engineering, implementation, testing, maintenance and software support.

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    Our projects


    Web development

    Website for the company «Cosmos», which sells high-quality and modern band-aids from an European manufacturer.


    e-Comerce solutionsWeb development

    background image


    CRM, SERM systemsWeb development

    background image

    ExtBel CRM

    CRM, SERM systemse-Comerce solutions

    background image


    CRM, SERM systemse-Comerce solutions

    background image


    Educational and Social projectsWeb development

    background image


    e-Comerce solutionsWeb development

    background image

    Gomel diocese

    Educational and Social projectsWeb development

    background image


    Educational and Social projectsMobile App Development

    It became easier for foreign tourists to navigate in Belarus. In the Grodno region a unique mobile application M6 was presented. It works on the principle of a navigator, which reflects all the attractions within a radius of 50 kilometers from the main international route - the highway M-6 Minsk - Grodno.


    Educational and Social projectsMobile App Development

    AR MARKA BELARUS is an application with a catalog of Belarusian postage stamps to which the additional reality technology is applied. The use of modern visual technologies allows changing the usual perception of postage stamps.


    AR/VR developmentMobile App Development

    AR MARKA BELARUS is an application with a catalog of Belarusian postage stamps to which the additional reality technology is applied. The use of modern visual technologies allows changing the usual perception of postage stamps.


    MarketplacesMobile App Development

    The EFICS – your personal financial manager. With EFICS it becomes easier to calculate your money. The application helps to control your debts. It allows avoiding embarrassing situations when you accidentally forget to return the debt. You have the ability to add, edit and delete wallet transactions: income, expenses, transfers.
    background image

    ISM Group

    e-Comerce solutionsWeb development

    Website for online shop of building materials.


    Web development

    Website for «Promsvyaz» company, which main task is production and realization equipment in accordance with international and national standards.
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    AK Consulting Group Inc.

    Ak Consulting Group Inc. expresses gratitude to “ExtBel” Ltd. for the development of the ticket purchase aggregator.

    All actions were performed in accordance with the terms of the contract. We have no claims on the quality and timing of the work.  All stages of work were carried out efficiently and coherently, by competent and conscientious experts.

    We are confident in the further continuation of cooperation with “ExtBel” Ltd.

    “MedulyxFarm” Ltd.

    “ExtBel” Ltd.  has a reputation of a reliable and competent partner, has qualified personnel and extensive professional experience.

    In 2017, ExtBel Ltd. has developed software for the design and placement of information of “MedulyxFarm“ Ltd. on the Internet (web service development). This service was made in full accordance with the technical specifications. Contractual obligations was completed in full and within the prescribed period; there are no claims about the quality and work period of execution. For the entire period of cooperation, the organization has proven itself from the best side. Current issues that have arisen during the implementation of this project were resolved promptly.

    The above allows “MedulyxFarm” Ltd.  to recommend “ExtBel” Ltd.  as a reliable and stable partner.

    “SP-Engineering” Ltd.

    On behalf of the company “SP-Engineering” Ltd., I express gratitude to our partner “ExtBel” Ltd.  for the development of the site.

    In the course of cooperation, “ExtBel” Ltd. proved itself to be a professional in its field and demonstrated the ability to respond in a timely manner to requirements made by the customer.

    As a result, we got a product that we originally wanted and everything was delivered within the time frame we set.

    If difficulties arose during the work, the employees of “ExtBel” Ltd. reacted promptly and performed the tasks assigned.

    “SP-Engineering” Ltd.  is satisfied with the work done and will continue to cooperate with “ExtBel” Ltd.

    “StroyRegion” Ltd.

    Perfect work, prompt feedback, recommendations. We liked working with them. They are real professionals. Highly recommended for cooperation.

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